TO KILL THE DRAGON: New Film From CLEMENTINA's Jimena Monteoliva

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TO KILL THE DRAGON: New Film From CLEMENTINA's Jimena Monteoliva
Argentine filmmaker Jimena Monteoliva started shooting her new film To Kill The Dragon (Matar Al Dragon) last week. 
To Kill the Dragon” is a nightmare that tells the story of two siblings cruelly separated since kids. The youngest, Elena, is confined in La Cueva, the world of darkness, where she leads a miserable life with a fearsome delinquent. While the eldest, Facundo, remains on the side of Paradise, where he lives a peaceful life as a doctor with his wife, Valeria, and two daughters. Twenty-five years later, destiny unites these two siblings by facing once again the family tragedy that separated them.
To Kill The Dragon reunites Monteoliva with her Clementina co-writer Diego A. Fleischer, though that was not the first time they have worked together. Monteoliva also produced two films based on Fleischer's screenplays, Tamae Garateguy's Pompeyo and Shewolf. While she was filming Clementina Fleishcer came to her and told her that he had dreamed a new script, from beginning to end, "...a story immersed in a nightmare that joined both The World of Good and The World of Evil". 
Monteoliva has also reunited with actress Cecilia Cartasegna, which is not a bad thing at all considering she was terrific in Clementina, garnering a couple of best actress awards on the Latin American festival circuit this past Fall. 
Topping out the three leads are actor Guillermo Pfening and Justina Bustos as Elena. We are told Bustos is kind of a big deal in Argentina right now; the girl of the moment. Veteran actor Luis Machin, having worked in film and television in Argentina for over twenty years, has joined the production as well. We have been led to believe he is not too shabby either. 
Below is a picture of the main cast and a couple of images from Argentine illustrator Santiago Caruso whom Monteoliva has drawn inspiration from for her depiction of the World of Darkness, among other things.
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