Seattle 2018 Preview: 5 Can't Miss Picks from Week 1 at SIFF

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Hello Northwest film fans! Welcome to part one of our weekly Seattle International Film Fest preview series. As Seattleites undoubtedly know, the annual month-long celebration of cinema that is SIFF is kicking off tonight. For this year's festival, we've broken our typical festival-wide preview into a week-by-week breakdown of what to see. There are hundreds of movies at the festival, so this is in no way comprehensive -- but we'll at least be choosing five films playing each week that are certainly worth a look.

Week one is packed with good stuff so we've got a few bonus picks for you as well. If you're into indie sci-fi, check out Prospect. Like the glitz of a big festival kick off? Then head to tonight's opener The Bookshop. In the mood for an inspirational doc? You can't go wrong with On Her Shoulders. Now, on to the official picks.

Racer and the Jailbird
We’ve long been big fans of Bullhead director Michael R. Roskam and even though his return to European filmmaking is slightly uneven, it’s totally fun and has one of the most intense action sequences of the year. This one again stars Matthias Schoenaerts who teams up with Blue is the Warmest Colour’s Adele Exarchopoulos.

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