Our Favorite Faces Of Jackie Chan

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Our Favorite Faces Of Jackie Chan
This week saw the North American wide release of Martin Campbell's thriller The Foreigner, starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. For Jackie, it's actually his second film in the current box office top-10, as he also voices one of the characters in The LEGO Ninjago Movie. At 63 years of age, Jackie Chan can of course no longer be expected to show his legendary acrobatic martial arts prowess of thirty (or more than forty) years ago, so to see him diversify towards animated films and serious thrillers makes sense.

But legendary he rightfully is, as amazing he was. He has performed in more than 130 films, using a large variety of names and spellings (IMDb lists Jacky Chan, Yuan Lung Chan, Yuen-Lung Chan, Jakkî Chen, Lung Chen, Yuan Lung Chen, Yuan-Lou Chen, Yuen Lung Chen, Long Cheng, Lung Cheng, Yuen Lau, Chan Yuan Lung, Chan Yuen Lung, Chen Yuan Lung, Chen Yuen Lung, Chen Lung, Sing Lung, Chan Kwong Sang, Chen Gang Shen and Chen Yuan-lung), so that gives everyone plenty of choice. For Jackie is our featured actor this week!

Chime in, in the comments below, and tell us what your favorite performance by him is.

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