THE ENDLESS: Who's Next? First Trailer For Horror Thriller From Benson And Moorehead

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THE ENDLESS: Who's Next? First Trailer For Horror Thriller From Benson And Moorehead
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As The Endless, the third film from Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, goes along its mysterious way through the festival circuit the first trailer was released today over at EW. You may find that below.
Screen Anarchy's Shealgh Rowan-Legg reviewed the film when it premiered at Tribeca, where their first film Resolution premiered as well. Everything comes full circle, in more ways than one. While you would be hard pressed to find any Anarchist in the group who has seen the film and does not like the heck out of it it is her words that will be recorded for posterity. 
...Benson and Moorhead have crafted the kind of fantastical horror that creeps under your skin even as you are riveted to the screen, where stark, bright colours, and wonderful analog sounds of old video players mix with low growls of giant, unseen creatures; the former will break your heart, the latter will tear it to pieces.
As much a film for those new to Benson and Moorhead as die-hard fans, The Endless succeeds both as a family drama, and as a fantastical film that both frightens and intrigues. Both a meta-commentary of the nature of storytelling and a self-examination of the creative mind, the film will likely have its audience questioning their perception of time as they look to sky for falling photographs.
WellGoUSA has the North American rights for the film. 
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