Pretty Packaging: A LETTER TO MOMO Dresses Modest But Nice

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Okiura Hiroyuki's A Letter To Momo is a fine piece of anime, released in 2012 in its home country of Japan, and the Sitges festival had it even earlier. But despite critical and general acclaim, it had so far not seen a release in the UK, meaning Europe was aching for an English-friendly edition. Scottish distributor Anime Limited has now remedied that with a fine release, one which includes the DVD, the Blu-ray, a nice booklet and some fancy packaging.

I reviewed the film itself four years ago (you can read that here), and I will review this release as well shortly. But for now, here is a gallery, showing what the film looks like. For even though Anime Limited didn't give it a giant-sized box (like Giovanni's Island or Gurren Lagann), there is still plenty to like!

And this is what the package looks like on the outside: a regular-sized thin box with an unassuming slipcase.

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