Second Trailer For Hiroyuki Okiura's A LETTER TO MOMO

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Second Trailer For Hiroyuki Okiura's A LETTER TO MOMO
Hiroyuki Okiura's A Letter To Momo - the director's first effort since Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade - is still some months away from its April release in Japan but that didn't stop the producers from posting a new trailer for the film on YouTube a couple days ago.

Momo is a young girl who grew up in a big city. However, following the premature loss of her father, she has to move with her mother to the old family house on a remote island. Here, time seems to have stopped: old wooden buildings, holy shrines surrounded by trees, fields painstakingly carved out from steep hills... and no shopping mall.

Needless to say, Momo is not too overenthusiastic about this new environment. Most of all, her heart is still feeling uneasy about an unfinished letter left by her father. A letter that contained only two words: "Dear Momo..."

While the resolution on this new trailer is suprisingly - and needlessly - low it still gives a good look at this contemplative family fantasy picture. Check it out below.
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