Have Your Say: The Battle Of The Bingbings!

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Have Your Say: The Battle Of The Bingbings!
Almost every Friday, we here at ScreenAnarchy run our weekly celebrity screenshot quiz, and last week the celebrity was Chinese actress Li Bingbing.
Interestingly, on Facebook, Twitter and in comments beneath the article itself, comparisons were drawn with Chinese actress Fan Bingbing (who we featured in her own quiz last year).

Both actresses are talented, beautiful and from China, but as Bingbing is their first name rather than their family name, they're not related. Yet people keep setting the Bingbings aside as a sort-of sub-category. You might just as well compare them with the likes of Zhou Xun, or Shu Qi, or Zhao Wei, or... well, you get my drift.

Still, compared they are, every day, and with different results. Some people favor Fan Bingbing, others favor Li Bingbing. Both are mighty popular: the Fan Bingbing quiz still pulls readers in, almost a year after we published it, and the same might happen with the Li Bingbing quiz.

So, this week's edition of "Have Your Say" will feature a Battle of the Bingbings. Be it based on their looks, their acting, being moved by one of their roles, a sudden crush or infatuation, the question is this: who is your favorite Bingbing?

Are you a Fan fan, or is it really Li?
Chime in through the comments below, and HAVE YOUR SAY!

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