The Many Faces Of Julianne Moore

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This weekend, fantasy-film lovers can choose to get their fix either with or without science fiction attached, with both Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son out in cinemas. Check Loïc Valceschini's reviews, here and here.

Both films sure have some fine actors attached, and this week, let's focus on Julianne Moore, who plays Seventh Son's villainous demon witch.

While we all know that Oscar nominations are not sacred, it's safe to state that you won't get five of them for acting without being damn good, whether you win them or not. So... in this case, I'll settle on saying that she has been phenomenal, not once but often.

Therefore, once again I'm going to use a gallery of close-ups of one of my favorite thespians to make a quiz. Click through the images and guess which movies (or shows) they're from! No competition, no prizes, just for fun, try to see how far you get without using IMDb.

And I'll post the answers next Thursday (earlier if someone has all twelve of them right).

Kurt Halfyard contributed to this story.

And here she is in Seventh Son, as the maleficent... ehm, I mean malevolent Mother Malkin.

This picture doesn't count yet for the quiz, but all others do, so please browse through the gallery. Click on the edge of this picture to get the next one, and see how many of them all you can identify!

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