Latin Beat: ASU MARE 2, Will Lightning Strike Again In Peru?

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Is box-office success a blessing or a curse? Ernesto Zelaya Minano, who is based in Peru, addresses that question in regard to the brand-new trailer for Asu Mare, the follow up to the 2013 smash hit. Critics are sharpening their knives, but audiences will decide on the film's ultimate financial success.

Also, how has Fifty Shades of Grey gone over in Latin America? I took a quick look at Argentina's returns, and the answer is ... revealing, if not terribly surprising.

Ernesto Zelaya Miñano contributed to this story.

ASU MARE 2: Sequel To Box Office Smash Is Hoping Lighting Can Strike Twice
By Ernesto Zelaya Minano

Peruvian cinema entered a new phase when Asu Mare was released in 2013. Based on comedian and actor Carlos Alcantara’s autobiographical stand-up act, the movie was a recreation of his childhood and his relationship with his mother. Audiences loved it, and it became the biggest box office smash ever made in Peru, making production house Tondero Films a major player in the country’s rising film industry. At the same time, it introduced local filmmakers to the benefits of making genre movies to draw in an audience, as well as making big companies aware that investing in films had many advantages,

Obviously, a movie this successful meant that a sequel was a no-brainer, and thus we have Asu Mare 2, which recently released a trailer. This time around, the ever-likable Alcántara recounts his relationship with his girlfriend (now wife), his wedding and the start of his career with the Pataclaun theater troupe. It’s a romantic comedy with the usual complications, such as the douchebag rival played by heartthrob Christian Meier.

Critics are already readying the pitchforks, but just like its predecessor, this looks like a fun and harmless watch that’s only meant to make you laugh. Sadly, the trailer has no subtitles, but the feel-good vibe is hard to miss. You can watch it below.

Asu Mare 2 opens on April 9, and it will more than likely be another hit at the box office.

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