Pretty Packaging: Those Crazy Dutch EXPENDABLES Releases

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(Throw as much stuff against a wall as you can find, and then see what sticks... hey, it worked for the films!)

We can discuss all we like about whether the Expendables films are good, bad or awful, and get nowhere. I like them, or at least they manage to make me smile for the idea behind them: a bunch of people in the film industry, banding together to do what they used to be famous for, and to hell with reality. Interestingly, the way the films were made meant they did not share a single distributor worldwide, but were sold to many different parties in many different regions. Which means there are many different editions. Be still my collector's heart!

By now I've stopped trying to predict why a property gets dumped in one country and put on a pedestal in another. I mean, who would have thought that Germany, of all places, would have the best releases for Seventh Curse, Battle Royale (well, for a while at least) and the The Raid films?

So guess where the three Expendables films got royally pimped? My home country of The Netherlands. I kid you not.
And now that the third in the series has got its own daft Dutch release, I thought it was time to make a gallery of them all.

Feast your eyes (or shake your heads) at these images...
Remember, this is a slide show: you can click the sides of the pictures to switch slides, or click in the center for a larger version!

And here they are! Just look at this pile of sheer preposterousness...
Interestingly, the sizes of these boxes seem to reflect the box office returns.

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