Crowdfund This: THE UNBIDDEN, An Asian-American Horror Psycho Thriller

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Crowdfund This: THE UNBIDDEN, An Asian-American Horror Psycho Thriller
With Halloween approaching, it's a good season to think about psychological thrillers and dark secrets, which means it's the perfect time to consider backing The Unbidden, an Asian-American horror psycho thriller from director Quentin Lee. 

Lee has forged a path that is distinctly his own in the independent film world, most notably his angry debut, Ethan Mao, in contrast to his tart rom-com The People I've Slept With and the mournful, compassionate family drama White Frog. But somewhere in there he also wrote a terrific graphic novel, Campus Ghost Story -- read more about it here -- featuring a twisting and pleasantly mind-bending trio of haunted tales. 

Now he's applying his directorial touch to Narhee Ahn's original script, which sounds like it has some new twists of its own. 

A mystery novelist named Lauren Lee (Tamlyn Tomita) is haunted by the ghost of a tortured, bloodied man. She tries to forget the apparition's terrifying warnings by hosting brunch with her best friends (Julia Nickson, Elizabeth Sung). Their reunion is shattered by the revelation that Lauren's lesbian assistant (Amy Hill) is in love with her. 

In the midst of dealing with the fallout, a mysterious young man arrives brandishing a gun and announces that one of them is his mother. He holds the women hostage in order to get to the truth of why they had all conspired to a murder. The young man thinks that he already knows everything, as he's the murder victim's son and he's come for revenge, but there are brutal twists to the dark secret that he never imagined.

You'll notice the actresses, who have all done strong work in the past, and the mixture of genres: horror, psychological thriller, and family melodrama. Add to that, the Asian-American cast and themes of domestic violence and the morality of retribution. It all adds up to a movie that I want to see. 

To learn more about the film, and decide if you want to contribute to its making, visit this page right here
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