Outfest Fusion 2022: Quentin Lee and Much, Much More

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Outfest Fusion 2022: Quentin Lee and Much, Much More

The 2022 Outfest Fusion QTBIPOC Film Festival kicks off in Los Angeles tomorrow (Friday, April 8). The festival will be presented in a hybrid edition, featuring in-person and virtual screenings and events.

The in-person events should be quite special, especially after two years of what everyone around the world has been dealing with. Yes! We made it! We get to watch movies in public with our friends and family.

Outfest Fusion is intended to "showcase the work of today's leading storytellers," according to their official verbiage. "Attendees can also participate in nearly a dozen free community workshops, industry masterclasses, a One Minute Movie Contest, pitch competitions, and live performances." The opening night gala will showcase an award presentation to Stephanie Beatriz (Encanto), following by a collection of short films, and then a party. (Personally, I think the entire night will be a celebration.)

Just to highlight the work of someone I know, let's shine a spotlight on filmmaker Quentin Lee, whose so-called "first feature," Flow, will be screened, featuring a 2K restoration of his collection of short films.

Per official description: "Ahead of its time when there was virtually no queer Asian images on screen, Flow (1995) is in essence an experimental feature film featuring an anthology of four unusual stories stitched together in a film-within-a-film story about a fictional filmmaker, Lee's doppelganger, experimenting with short filmmaking from experimental to narrative."

Quentin Lee's White Frog, a movie I love, will also screen, timed to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The festival runs through April 17. Visit the official site for much more information.

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