Latin Beat: Chile's Valdivia Film Festival, Peru's SECRETO MATUSITA Trailer, Mexico's Nordic Cinema Program, Brazil's ISOLADOS Trailer

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Welcome to a new edition of our column on Latin American cinema! 

Why is Chile's Valdivia Film Festival considered to be "the best in South America"? What makes Secreto Matusita such an intriguing found-footage thriller, especially for those in Peru? What connection is there between Mexico and Nordic Cinema? And what thrills may come to a couple who seek comfort in a Brazilian cabin in the woods, as depicted in the trailer for Isolados?

Read onward for more information provided by our correspondents in Latin America. We are returning to a bi-weekly schedule of publication, so check back on Tuesday, September 30, for our next edition. 

Jaime Grijalba Gomez, Ernesto Zelaya Miñano, Eric Ortiz Garcia and Fernando Toste contributed to this story.

Valdivia Film Festival

Our correspondent in Chile, Jaime Grijalba, says that, in his opinion, the Valdivia fest is "the best festival in South America for sure." Why does he feel so strongly about it?

The festival runs from October 7-12. Read more about it -- in Spanish, only! -- at the official site.

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