Fantaspoa 2014 Wrap: ScreenAnarchy's Reviews And The Festival's Video Recap

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Fantaspoa 2014 Wrap: ScreenAnarchy's Reviews And The Festival's Video Recap

In order to wrap up my ScreenAnarchy coverage of Fantaspoa 2014, I'm sharing the festival's official video recap, which is a very nice way to get a taste of what happens "behind the scenes" and when you bring together Lloyd Kaufman, Richard Stanley, Simon Boswell, Bruce LaBruce, and the Toxic Avenger! Amazing things happen, for sure.

The video was shot and edited by Emiliano Romero, director of Topos, and it also features footage of Kaufman's Make Your Own Damn Movie Masterclass, some of the Q&A sessions, the great hosts and directors of Fantaspoa (Joao Fleck and Nicolas Tonsho) in action, and a brief narration by Stanley himself. You can watch the video below.

Also, below are the reviews, interviews and features I wrote for the tenth edition of Fantaspoa. Enjoy! 

Fantaspoa 2014 Lineup

DARKNESS BY DAY (EL DÍA TRAJO LA OSCURIDAD), Solid Atmospheric Horror From Argentina
DEVIL IN MY RIDE, An Amusing Road/Buddy/Exorcism Movie
RABBIT WOMAN (MUJER CONEJO) Is Part Thriller, Part B-Movie, And Always Pretty Damn Good
CHAMELEON (BUQALAMUN), A Minimalist Azerbaijani Drama

Bruce LaBruce Talks GERONTOPHILIA And Names His Favorite Filmmakers
Till Kleinert On DER SAMURAI
Lloyd Kaufman Talks RETURN TO NUKE 'EM HIGH, Motörhead's Lemmy, And More

Five Lessons From Lloyd Kaufman's Masterclass
Frank Henenlotter And Gabe Bartalos Recall BRAIN DAMAGE
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