Fantaspoa 2014: Five Lessons From Lloyd Kaufman's Masterclass

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The Fantaspoa film festival dedicated the first two days of its tenth edition to the living legend Lloyd Kaufman and Troma, the company he founded together with Michael Herz back in 1974. It has been so far a wild and incredible fun time here in Porto Alegre, or "Gay Port", as Kaufman prefers to call this Brazilian city. On Friday Kaufman presented and stayed for the Q&A of one of the two screenings of The Toxic Avenger, the quintessential Troma movie that is now celebrating its 30th anniversary. A day later, Kaufman's Make Your Own Damn Movie Masterclass took place at Cine Santander Cultural, with fans and aspiring filmmakers coming to learn from the truest American independent; Canadian director Bruce LaBruce and British film composer Simon Boswell also attended the masterclass. 

With the help of his own damn computer, Kaufman began his lesson around 2:30 PM and then stopped only for three short breaks before leaving the theater almost at 9 PM. It was, indeed, a huge class, like going to school only that this was very, very funny, full of anecdotes, advices and video clips (including interviews that Kaufman made to such directors as Eli Roth, Stuart Gordon and David Cronenberg).

I really don't want to spoil the Make Your Own Damn Movie Masterclass, or the series of books and DVDs, so I'll just give you a taste of it with five short lessons from Mr. Lloyd Kaufman! You can find them in the gallery below.

Make Your Own Damn Movie!

“Now everybody can make a movie. When I started forty years ago, you had to be rich to make a movie. You had to be rich to be my girl. Now you can make a movie for no money.

“Here’s Cesar (“Coffin” Souza), the most famous Brazilian pervert, I mean, the most famous Brazilian independent filmmaker. He makes movies for nothing! And here’s Felipe (M. Guerra), he has a movie playing at Fantaspoa that he made with his grandmother for $200 dollars.

“It’s very hard now to live off your art, at least in my country (the US). But since you can make movies for nothing, we keep going. We don’t have to go to Hollywood or work in the Walt Disney World parking lot. We can actually have a productive life, be a teacher or a nurse, and still make movies. We are just not going to have all the cocaine and limousines and hookers that our friends in Hollywood have.”

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