INEDIT-NESCAFE: Musical Documentaries In Chile. An Overview.

Contributing Writer; Chile, Santiago de Chile (@jaimegrijalba)
The Inedit Film Festival is a travelling endeavour that goes around the world showing documentaries and films that have the music as their main selling point, any kind of music and any type and genre of film is accepted, and at the end of it, it's the audience who chooses the best documentary. It's Chilean edition is now 10 years old and showed dozens of films from December 8th until the 15th in about 5 different venues in the city of Santiago, and this year it adds the city of Concepción in a separate festival that will show the best films that were shown in Santiago.

I was invited to assist and talk a bit about the Inedit-Nescafé of this year, and these are the films that I saw. Take a look at the gallery and tell me what other musical documentaries and films have you seen this year and what did you think of them.

The Punk Singer (2013)

Band, Artist or Music Genre Represented: Kathleen Hannah.

Kathleen is a force of unstoppable punk power and it's too great of a subject for her to be subjected to one documentary. That's what happens, it's a very very conventional film about a non-conventional person, and I think if that enormous force that she had and still has in her life to continue doing what she likes and wants to say the things she wants to say, this documentary is not enough, but at least it instructed me into who she was, what Bikini Kill and Le Tigre was, and while I think I would much prefer the earlier installment of her music as well as her solo album, I remember seeing many friends liking Le Tigre, and myself listening and finding it pretty meh. Still, even the watered down Kathleen is better than this documentary, that while informative, doesn't achieve much else than a biography and a way of explanining why she left the stages a few years ago.

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