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As a long time fan of Kurt Vonnegut I am very well aware that much of the literary madman's work is well nigh impossible to translate to the screen thanks to his fondness for messing with format and the simple fact that much of what makes Vonnegut Vonnegut is the wordplay on the page. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see more people try and the folks behind the proposed adaptation of his short story 2BR02B have latched on to a doozy of a story.

The story is set in a near future where overpopulation has become such a major issue that before any birth is approved the parents must provide receipts from adults who have volunteered to die first to make space for the new arrival. Enter a soon to be father of triplets with no such receipts at all.

Great starting point for a film, I think you'll agree, and only helped by the fact that Paul Giamatti is clearly also a fan of Vonnegut and has signed on for a key role. Click here to view the full pitch and support the project.

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