Crowdfund This: The Documentary XANGADIX LIVES!

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Crowdfund This: The Documentary XANGADIX LIVES!
This may come as a surprise to people, but not all fair-budget Dutch horror films have been directed by Dick Maas. In 1992, we got treated to The Johnsons by Rudolf van den Berg, and rest assured it was NOT about those twin detectives from the Tintin comics.

Instead, it was about a septuplet of boys and their sister. The girl grows up in a family, the boys in some asylum after they are discovered to have a penchant for killing other children. They escape though, and set out to fulfill an ancient prophecy: if they manage to impregnate their sister, she'll give birth to Xangadix, a god-monster who will destroy the Earth...

Bizarre as the plot is, the history around the film's conception is even weirder. Many famous people were (or still are) attached to the project, from award-winning directors to award-winning writers to award-winning actors. People who dive into the tales of the production find out the waters are deep indeed.

Two of those people are Yfke van Berckelaer and Bram Roza, and for the film's 25th anniversary they set out to interview all surviving participants of the making of The Johnsons. They now have gathered enough footage to create a proper documentary about the film, called Xangadix Lives!, and all they need is a little money to finish it. Meaning editing, color grading, sound mixing, digitizing... oh, and getting clearance for using clips from the original film and copyrighted materials from various television programs.

To do all this they need just 10,000 Euro, and they have started a crowdfunding campaign on CineCrowd which has already gotten them well past the halfway point, with three weeks left to go.

It's a cool project and rest assured that when made, it will be English-friendly by way of subtitles. So check out the promo below, visit their campaign page (here), and CROWDFUND THIS!

Xangadix Lives! Crowdfunding Campaign from Yfke van Berckelaer on Vimeo.

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