Watch Now! Kubrickian Teaser for Jonathan Glazer's UNDER THE SKIN

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Watch Now! Kubrickian Teaser for Jonathan Glazer's UNDER THE SKIN
It has been seven long years since Jonathan Glazer's masterfully modulate, and quite Kubrickian Birth.  While this seems a long time to go between feature films, the wait is over, as Under The Skin is set to play Venice tomorrow, and TIFF shortly thereafter.  (For those keeping score, this film is my most anticipated TIFF title this year.)  The film features a mysterious Scarlett Johansson trolling the spare roads along the Scottish moors picking up hitchhikers for nefarious reasons.  It is based on Michael Faber's novel of the same name that is quite roundabout in offering details to the reader as the plot unfolds, and as such could be classified as one of those 'difficult to adapt' kind of books.

Glazer seems to have everything under control, judging by the teaser below.  It might not offer much in the way of plot, but is certainly clear on the tone and ambition of the film.  This thing looks scary, and weird, and stylish.  As is the book.  
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