New To Netflix: Sea Monsters, Toons, Booze, Sex and Cylons

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You have found this weeks entry for New To Netflix! Not that we are actually new to Netflix, we're just happy, able, willing to help you find out what kind of 'Twitch-y' material is coming to the big red virtual envelope in the streaming-room. 

Hopefully we are hitting our groove here, with varied mix of stuff streaming around the world: A weary Bob Hoskins vs. creepy Christopher Lloyd over control of public transit in L.A., Mary Elizabeth Winstead trying to kick her drinking habit, history and passion in World War II era Shanghai, 9/11 Allegorical SciFi and rumours of Norwegian Sea Monsters. 

New In The USA: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

From the curvaceous Jessica Rabbit to the plot revolving around Los Angeles transportation to the large technical challenges of integrating animation and live action in a feature film, Robert Zemeckis' 1988 feature had (and still has) an edge to the proceedings that modern blockbusters, and certainly ones aimed at the family market, lack today.

Buena Vista must have sensed this, releasing it on its adult oriented Touchstone label rather than the usual Disney imprinteur. With a heady cocktail of influences from the slapstick Warner Brothers animation days to noir-ish Chinatown, to anti-corporate subversion, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? wears its influences on its sleeves whilst creating something wholly original.

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