Enter The Bizarre World Of HELLFJORD With First Stills

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Enter The Bizarre World Of HELLFJORD With First Stills
Though we must continue to await some sort of video evidence of upcoming Norwegian miniseries Hellfjord - which should surely be online soon as the series launches in Norway October 9 and broadcaster NRK is apparently already airing promos across the network - there is no need to keep you waiting entirely for a taste of the latest from the team behind Dead Snow. No, while video is in short supply, stills we have.

Here's the back story for those who may have missed previous articles. Hellfjord is the joint creation of Tommy Wirkola and Stig Frode Henriksen - the principal creative minds behind Nazi zombie comedy Dead Snow, with Wirkola also at the helm of the upcoming Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters -  and star / writer Zahid Ali along with Rovdyr and You Said What director Patrik Syversen serving as showrunner when not directing two of the episodes himself. The quartet set out to create a sort of pastiche of Twin Peaks and Hot Fuzz and, judging by audience response when the entire series screened at Fantastic Fest, they succeeded.

Hellfjord is the story of the urban police officer Salmander - second generation Pakistani immigrant - who after somewhat accidentally killing his police horse in front of thousands of children gets relocated to the location farthest north in Norway; Hellfjord.

Hellfjord is populated by typical Norwegians, simple-minded people keenly interested in keeping to themselves. But when Salmander scratches the surface, he discovers a secret that will turn Hellfjord upside down. Maybe even inside out.

Quietly absurd and very, very funny, we've been passed a selection of stills from the first four episodes of the series. We picked out our favorites and tried to cull any obvious spoilers and you can see the results in the gallery below.
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