Watch The Amazing Official Trailer For Yuasa Masaaki's KICK-HEART!

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Watch The Amazing Official Trailer For Yuasa Masaaki's KICK-HEART!
Animator Yuasa Masaaki is an enormous favorite here at ScreenAnarchy, the helmer of Mind Game turning out consistently quality material always marked by his playful intelligence. Yuasa is quite simply one of the best things going in the animation world, a creator whose general oddness has generated a hugely loyal cadre of fans while also preventing a major mainstream crossover audience so far. And so he turned to Kickstarter for his latest project - a short film titled Kick-Heart - and it is a project I was personally more than happy to support.

Kick-Heart is a love story between Romeo, a successful pro wrestler, and Juliet, a nun who lives a secret double-life as a female pro wrestler. Romeo's secret is that he enjoys taking a beating in the ring, while Juliet feels invigorated when facing her opponents as a wrestler. When the two meet in the ring, the fireworks fly. Their story is set in the colorful backdrop of the professional wrestling world. Will Juliet reveal her true identity to the one she loves? Will Romeo be able to share his secret to the world?
With work complete the official trailer for Yuasa's latest has arrived and it's simply stellar. Take a look below.

Official Kick-heart Trailer from Kick-heart on Vimeo.

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