Handsome Bodyguard Protects Handsomer President. OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN Trailer

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Handsome Bodyguard Protects Handsomer President. OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN Trailer
In recent years, ever since Sylvester Stallone brought back John Rambo from hibernation, 80's and 90's beefcake action seems to be back in vogue and I for one applaud that trend.
The ever popular "Die Hard in a..." genre of action films doesn't seems to be slowing down as well, with the fifth actual Die Hard on the way and now two films revolving around the White House being taken over by enemy forces are pending. 

The first one to reveal its trailer is Antoine Fuqua's Olympus Has Fallen, a film that takes the old "highly regarded veteran retires after an accident on the job but an even more terrible incident is just the thing to get him back in the saddle" type of story. Handsome but disgraced bodyguard Gerard Butler is trapped in the White House and must protect most handsomest President Aaron Eckhart from bad but also rather handsome North Korean terrorists who have taken it over. What a beautiful world these people live in.

At first, when reading about this I wasn't very optimistic but after viewing the trailer, this thing actually looks ridiculously amazing. I say bring it.

Check the trailer below.
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