THE TOWER Teaser Lights It Up

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THE TOWER Teaser Lights It Up
Kim Ji-hoon has emerged as one of South Korea's go-to directors for big, populist entertainment. In an industry that is increasingly trending towards low budget, high return fare - i.e. lots and lots of romantic comedies - Kim is going the other route. Big budget. Big action. Big spectacle. He did it with action-horror Sector 7 and now Kim is at it again with The Tower.

Yes, this is essentially a remake of 1974 Steve McQueen star vehicle The Towering Inferno and not to be confused with the Pang Brothers' currently in production 3D Hong Kong effort Inferno. The first teaser for Kim's effort is freshly on the scene and it's got everything you could ask for from such a thing: A great big building and a great big fire. Plus, because it's Korean, a liberal dose of melodrama. Check it below.
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