After An Orange & Red, WOLF CREEK 2 Finally Gets Green Light

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
After An Orange & Red, WOLF CREEK 2 Finally Gets Green Light
Mick Taylor is back. 

For the past seven years the notorious pig-hunting serial killer maniac who preys on tourists in the Australian outback has been laying low, biding his time... and sharpening that freakin' knife. 

There were a few times where it looked like Mick would rear his head again - first when there were rumours of a prequel, then when the sequel was announced and then again at the start of this year when the project seemed all set to go but then lost a key chunk of money. 

However it seems that director Greg Mclean's tenacity has finally paid off, with major funding agency Screen Australia announcing that Wolf Creek 2 will indeed go ahead with their blessing (and cashola). 

John Jarratt will reprise his iconic role as Mick Taylor, which is a relief as I was getting weary of seeing him say yes, in an indiscriminate Nicolas Cage-esque manner, to cameos in all sorts of low budget horror films - although it must be said his most recent turn in 100 Bloody Acres was very well done. Still it's a long way from Better Homes & Gardens
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