Watch: WOLF CREEK 2 Behind The Scenes Clip

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Watch: WOLF CREEK 2 Behind The Scenes Clip
The DVD and Blu-ray release of Greg McLean's outback horror Wolf Creek 2 is just around the corner! We have a behind-the-scenes clip to share with you. 

In the clip McLean talks about staging the campfire scene where 'Zee German' backpackers run afoul of serial killer Mick Taylor. Of course events turn out grim for the couple as you will get a hint of at the end of the clip! 
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marllJune 21, 2014 2:51 PM

this is a truly awful film. i can't remember the last time i have seen such a disjointed and lazy mess. what makes it particularly odius is that, in it's first quarter, it is really nasty.but the film changes so violently into another film all together that after that initial few scenes it's downhill all the way at a very fast pace. rather like
and for 20 - 30 minutes it dishes up horror quite as wrenching as the 1st movie. after that it goes to pieces fast. it attemts so many tones, and doesn't hit any, one moment it's pastiche, one moment black comedy, ( for anyone who has seen it, i have to say the kangaroo sequence is quite full on and kind of etraordinary more so in a film which is as cliche ridden as they come) it gets to a point ( after the truck chase - duel anyone?) where it decides it exists in some sort dreamland, a surreal place that does not work. the underdeveloped 'hero' comes into the picture arbitarily. the end parts ( yes he calls his victim a pommie) is so risible and lacking by the time of the final scene i could not tell you what i had just watched. all i can say is, a waste of a bigger budget to make very subpar schlock. i wonder if mclean did this in order to absolutely destroy this as a franchise, and if that is the case, congratulations Gregg, mission accomplished. The humour is a total misfire. trying to make mick a sort of supernatural being is a total misfire. You cannot direct.