Donnie Yen rules out IP MAN 3

Donnie Yen rules out IP MAN 3
With the recent surge of Yip/Ip Man related film projects coming up in the pipeline, Donnie Yen has told the Chinese media that after Ip Man 2, he will no longer play the Wing Chun master anymore. 
...I would never ever touch any films related to Ip Man. This will be my final film (Ip Man 2) on the subject. Whenever something becomes a success, everyone would jump on the bandwagon, this is very frightening. Did you know how many Ip Man films are in production? Under such condition, we would not progress, it'd only lead to over-saturation of the subject matter.
Other Yip/Ip Man related films include Wong Kar-wai's The Grand Master and Herman Yau's The Legend is Born: Ip Man, both schedule for release this year.  On a side note, two "shooting diary" videos for Ip Man 2 is now available online and it contains some interesting behind-the-scenes footage.  Donnie's hand speed is sick.       

Ip Man 2 is set for theatrical release on April 29th.  You'll find both videos embedded below.
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