Donnie Yen sporting the stache in 'Legend of Chen Zhen'

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Donnie Yen sporting the stache in 'Legend of Chen Zhen'
Well, there he is. That's Donnie Yen sporting a mustache and looking quite debonair in the role of Chen Zhen in Andrew Lau and Gordon Chan's Legend of Chen Zhen. Yes, the same Chen Zhen played by other martial art film greats Bruce Lee and Jet Li, in Fist of Fury and Fist of Legend respectfully. Quite a difference, eh? We heard they were going somewhere different with this and this is going to take some getting used to.

Andrew Lau, "So, Gordon Chan and I were discussing how to change. We noticed that the period after Chen Zhen left Jing Wu Men gives plenty of room for story development. And against the backdrop of 1925 Shanghai, we thought that Chen Zhen should be like this. It would shock everyone initially, yet after watching the whole film, you would feel that this Chen Zhen is very real, very compelling. Chen Zhen has little ties left with Jing Wu Men, he appears like this by day, and like that by night, very mysterious."

More pics of Donnie and the cast in the gallery after the break. And be sure to check out the video links below to see Donnie pluck away at the keys!
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