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Fantasia 2022 Review: POLARIS, A Gritty Bit of Original Myth-Making

There is magic at play in Kirsten Carthew's Polaris. It is set the year 2144. Earth has been ravaged and sent back to another ice age, one where the fish bleed green blood. Pockets of survivors eke out a violent...

Last Vegas: how to shoot a post-apocalyptic action film on a shoestring budget

Rock'n'roll... rock'n'roll never changes.                                                  In the world where the Soviet Union won the nuclear war,...

Review: DRIFTER Runs Out of Gas in a Trope Tainted Wasteland

Christian von Hoffman's wasteland thriller DRIFTER starts strong only to be betrayed by a weak second half

WASTELAND: Quality Television Made in the Czech Republic

HBO Europe rolls out a bleak mystery miniseries Wasteland

Watch The Trailer For Dark Crime Thriller WASTE LAND

Belgian director Pieter Van Hees is a slippery one. He made his feature debut with The Left Bank, a dark supernaturally charged thriller before moving on to clever action-comedy Dirty Mind. The tonal shift between the films was dramatic -...