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Now on Blu-ray: A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, Turn Left at Greenland

John, Paul, George and Ringo star in a fictional documentary, directed by Richard Lester, that became a classic. Now available on 4K Blu-ray from The Criterion Collection.

Coming Soon on Criterion: THE PIANO, TIME and THE CELEBRATION Ring In New Year

Also slated for release in January 2022 from The Criterion Collection: 'Dick Johnson Is Dead,' 'A Hard Day's Night.'

70s Rewind: JUGGERNAUT, British Time Bombs Tick, Tick, Tick Away at Sea

An old-fashioned, ticking time-bomb suspense thriller, Richard Lester's Juggernaut (aka Terror on the Britannic) (1974) satisfies on the most elemental level: it made me increasingly tense and nervous as I watched. Lester made his directorial debut with the very charming...

70s Rewind: ROYAL FLASH, Richard Lester's Comic 19th Century Adventure

Recently I watched Richard Lester's Royal Flash (1975), starring Malcolm McDowell, for the first time. Adapted by author George MacDonald Fraser from his own novel, it's a broad and sprightly comic adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed. To be frank, I...