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Nightstream 2021 Review: KING CAR, A Car For The People

A mechanical messiah promises to bring power to the people of Brazil after new legislation threatens the livelihoods of the proletariat in Renata Pinheiro's painfully topical King Car (Carro Rei).  Uno (Luciano Pedro, Jr.) has always had a way with...

O NOME DA MORTE Trailer: When Real Life Goes Haywire

Oh, boy, this could be good. A new trailer for O Nome da Morte (or, The Name of Death) really steps up the action after a tranquil beginning. André Mattos, Matheus Nachtergaele, and Marco Pigossi star; Henrique Goldman directed. Fernando...

Review: DON'T CALL ME SON Mulls Over Sexual Identity In A Subtle, Personal Way

Don't Call Me Son, doesn't dwell on nature vs nurture or rely on cheap sentimentality. The film doesn't even try to make any big statement on gender equality or social justice. It focuses on a young man who is very comfortable with his identity even though his life has become chaotic. But he's not a helpless victim who's unsure about his place in the world. And he also has a great, caring heart.