KING CAR Revvs Up With Seriously Smashing New Trailer

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KING CAR Revvs Up With Seriously Smashing New Trailer

Has your car ever talked to you? Oh, sure, maybe the engine sings to you on the highway, but, seriously, what if you car speaks to you in a reasonable tone and in a convincing manner? You'd have to listen, wouldn't you?

Our own J Hurtado described the premise of King Car in these words: "A mechanical messiah promises to bring power to the people of Brazil after new legislation threatens the livelihoods of the proletariat in Renata Pinheiro's painfully topical" thriller. He concluded his review by writing that the film is "one of the strongest genre features of the year." (Read his complete review here.)

Here's the official synopsis:

"A young man's ability to surreally speak with cars sparks a revolution that could save his community. When his invention inadvertently accelerates the underlying problems, our hero's quest puts him in a fight for survival with capitalism's zombies."

Matheus Nachtergaele, Luciano Pedro Jr, Jules Elting, Clara Pinheiro, Adélio Lima, and Ane Oliva star. Directed by Renata Pinheiro and written by Sergio Oliveira, Leo Pyrata, and Renata Pinheiro, King Car (Carro Rei) will be released by Dark Star Pictures in theaters and on VOD/Digital on January 7, 2022.

Watch the trailer below. Please, do not exceed the speed limit while doing so.

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