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Horror Channel FrightFest Announces Glasgow Film Festival 2018 Line-up

If you follow the genre festival circuit long enough you come to understand that one name is synonymous with all things genre in the UK. Even after it will no longer be a 'United' Kingdom (thank you fuckwits) FrightFest will...

Fantasia 2017 Review: FRIENDLY BEAST, Man Is the Most Dangerous Animal

It's nearly closing time at a struggling restaurant. The waitress, Sara (Luciana Paes) and kitchen staff just want to go home, while the boss, Inácio (Murilo Benício) struggles with money troubles, a nagging wife, and a desire for power and...

New York 2016 Review: AQUARIUS Explores Indiscreet Charm of Brazilian Bourgeoisie

With Braga's commanding performance and the quite explosive ending, Aquarius goes down as one of the finest films of 2016.