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IF Review: John Krasinski's Muddled, Moving Fantasy-Drama

Ryan Reynolds stars in writer/director John Krasinski's latest film.

Review: KINDRED, Mother Does Not Always Know Best

Tamara Lawrance, Jack Lowden and Fiona Shaw star in director Joe Marcantonio's psychological thriller.

KINDRED Trailer: Everything Is Not Under Control

Surrounded by people she doesn't know, a pregnant woman has good reason to question the person who tries to assure her by saying: "Everything is under control." Because, in the psychological thriller Kindred, everything is decidedly not under control, as...

Interview: Alex Helfrecht & Jörg Tittel Talk THE WHITE KING

Alex Helfrecht and Jörg Tittel's new film The White King, which made its European debut at Black Nights festival last week, is an all-too-familiar look at a dystopian future, about a boy living in a totalitarian regime. In my review,...

Black Nights 2016 Review: THE WHITE KING, Dystopia Through A Child's Eyes

Dystopian film and literature has taken a turn from science fiction to possible current affairs, in our recent political climate. With the rise of right-wing political ideology and right-wing political control of influential countries, these stories are more important than...