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Locarno 2023 Review: CONANN Goes to Hell and Back Through Taboos, Myths, Genres, Ages

French provocateur Bertrand Mandico goes on a oneiric journey with Elina Löwensohn as the unorthodox guide in another gender- and genre-bending fauvistic fantasy.

Review: AFTER BLUE, A Dream, Or a Nightmare, At the Edge of Waking

Elina Löwensohn, Paula Luna, and Vimala Pons star in a fantasy/sci-fi concoction from France, directed by Bertrand Mandico.

Montreal Nouveau 2021 Review: AFTER BLUE, Succumb to the Desiring Nightmare

Paradis Sale, the original french title of Bertrand Mandico's sophomore feature, translates as 'Dirty Paradise'. And this place isn't exactly a paradise, nor is it dirty. But it is most definitely strange and surreal, filled with intoxication and eroticism, and...

Review: LET THE CORPSES TAN, High Style and a Complicated Story

Writing-directing team Hélèn Cattet and Bruno Forzani try something of an experiment with their third feature.

THE FORBIDDEN ROOM: Guy Maddin's Latest Looks Even Stranger Than Hoped In This Quintet Of Teasers!

Strap yourself in for something strange, boys and girls, for Canada's favorite cinematic madman Guy Maddin is back with The Forbidden Room. Maddin's latest - codirected with Evan Johnson - is about to premiere at Sundance before heading on to...


Though there is no green light in place yet and things can always change at these early stages, it appears that Amer and The Strange Colour Of Your Body's Tears directing duo Bruno Forzani and Helene Cattet may have found...

Utterly Bizarre, Totally Compelling Trailer For Bertrand Mandico's BORO IN THE BOX

Some delayed Cannes coverage here with a trailer for Bertrand Mandico's forty minute short film Boro In The Box. A bizarre, surreal picture that clearly owes a certain debt to the likes of Jodorowsky and Bunuel this is utterly strange...