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Cannes 2024 Review: BLOCK PASS Sees Friendship and Masculinity Under the Microscope

Antoine Chevrollier's debut feature film navigates the emotional landscape of teenage life, exploring themes of masculinity, parenthood, identity, and the societal pressures of a small-town upbringing.

Cannes 2024 Review: THE SUBSTANCE, One of the Year's Best Genre Movies

Without much expectation – because Revenge, director Coralie Fargeat's debut film, wasn’t as thrilling to me as to most genre cinema specialists – I went to a night screening of The Substance at the Cannes International Film Festival. The decision...

Cannes 2024 Review: THE STORY OF SOULEMYANE Depicts Immigrant Experience as Intense Social Thriller

French director Boris Lojkine navigates the harsh realities of undocumented life in Paris, blending social realism with the tension of a high-stakes thriller.

Cannes 2024 Review: UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE, A Triumph for Canadian Cinema

Canadian filmmaker Matthew Rankin directs and stars in his new Winnipeg-set, Farsi-language comedy feature.

Cannes 2024 Review: SIMON OF THE MOUNTAIN Explores Nuances of Belonging, While Navigating Identity

Argentinian director Federico Luis explores the complexities of identity and belonging, challenging societal norms through a portrayal of disability, normalcy and adolescence.

Cannes 2024 Wrap: What We Saw, Liked, and Loved

From May 14-25, 2024, the center of our genre-film loving world moved to the south of France, where the Cannes Festival unveiled a broad and diverse selection of films from around the world. Our own contributors Martin Tsai, Eric Ortiz...

Cannes 2024 Review: ALL WE IMAGINE AS LIGHT, A Major Achievement of Indian Cinema

Grand Prix Winner of Cannes 2024 showcases the emergence of a new voice depicting underrepresented, working-class India from a woman's perspective.

Cannes 2024 Review: SANTOSH, Damning Portrait of Indian Police Brutality

Shahana Goswami and Sunita Rajwar star in Sandhya Suri's Hindi-language, British-Indian film about female cops.

Cannes 2024 Review: WHEN THE LIGHT BREAKS Illuminates Coming-of-Age Sorrow and Grief

Icelandic filmmaker RĂșnar RĂșnarsson offers a contemplative and poignant exploration of grief and love over a single summer day.

Cannes 2024 Review: THE SHROUDS Contemplates Necrophiliac Possibilities of Digital Afterlife

David Cronenberg doesn't get introspective with his most personal film.

Cannes 2024 Review: THE BALCONETTES Paints a Portrait of Modern Ladies on Fire

Women get bloody man trouble in French comedy horror.

Cannes 2024 Review: THE GIRL WITH THE NEEDLE, A Potent Period Drama

One of the first nominees for the Palme d’or that was presented this year at the Cannes International Film Festival was The Girl with the Needle (Pigen med nålen), a great Danish drama, shot in black and white, set at...

Cannes 2024 Review: In THE SECOND ACT, Quentin Dupieux Continues to Amuse

Quentin Dupieux’s new film The Second Act (Le deuxième acte) opened the 77th edition of the Cannes International Film Festival. It’s noteworthy that it’s a Netflix co-production and, although this could mean that Dupieux eventually reaches many more people, there’s...

Cannes 2024 Review: THE SURFER Rides the Wave of Nicolas Cage Gonzo Midnight Flicks

The actor-producer undergoes another full meltdown in captivating Australia-set curio.

Cannes 2024 Review: MOST PEOPLE DIE ON SUNDAYS, Affecting Funeral Drama Marred By Slow Pace

Personal, vaguely auto-fictional stories are de rigueur for first-time filmmakers, especially actors turning directors.Iair Said, seen in last year’s The Delinquents, makes an undistinguished debut after trying his hand at a couple of shorts.   Increasingly, subjects of coming-of-age tales...

Cannes 2024 Review: HOLY COW, French Cheese-Making Dramedy Is a Finely Crafted Debut Feature

Louise Courvoisier directed. A brash young man is humbled by provincial life.

Cannes 2024 Review: IT DOESN'T MATTER, A Black Man Comes of Age in Modern America

Jay Will and Christopher Abbott star as best friends in Josh Mond's second feature film after his 2015 debut, 'James White.'

Cannes 2024 Poster Premiere: SIMON OF THE MOUNTAIN Set for Cannes Debut, Showcases Emerging Talent

The debut feature by Argentine director Federico Luis is set to premiere at Cannes Critics' Week, spotlighting themes of identity and belonging.