Friday One Sheet: THE WICKER MAN @ 50

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Friday One Sheet: THE WICKER MAN @ 50

The Wicker Man (and its double feature-mate Don't Look Now) are 50 years old. Albeit, they played the UK in 1973 and USA in 1975. There is a long story around the complex history of Robin Hardy's film, and it is well worth looking it up. Both films have recently screened at Toronto's Revue cinema, with custom event posters. By the time this column is published, the Thursday screening for The Wicker Man will have come to pass.

Nevertheless, I do wish to highlight this unique piece of key art for the iconic and seminal folk horror classic. Designed by visual artist John Godfrey, who, specifically, in his own words, "sought out to create a poster for The Wicker Man... that didn't feature the wicker man." The decidedly creepy, plucking the apple, motif here is about the most accurate and on-brand image outside the eponymous effigy. Also, the film's observations and commentary on religion and ritual certainly make picking an apple a loaded representation.

The sickly green tones are a fecund contrast to the red colouration of Sgt. Howie's visage, as per the designer again, "it's more of a conceptual rendering of the island's bountiful harvest-to-be, all thanks to a human sacrifice."

And note the cute little Produce Of Summerisle logo near the screening info at the bottom. Nope, not nightmare fuel at all, not one little bit...

I do hope the city of Toronto kept its date, yesterday, with The Wicker Man.

Some of the original poster designs (for the less than 1% of visitors to this site who have never encountered them before) can be found here.


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