Watch Twenty Five Minutes Of Robin Hardy In Coversation With Richard Stanley

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Watch Twenty Five Minutes Of Robin Hardy In Coversation With Richard Stanley
In what was a both a remarkable and fortuitous collision of talents the 2011 edition of Montreal's Fantasia Festival played host to both Robin Hardy and Richard Stanley. Both of them enormous cult figures in the film community - Hardy for the original Wicker Man, Stanley for Dust Devil and Hardware - and both with an outspoken interest in matters of the occult, fans were curious to see what the two men would make of each other. And so the festival organizers did the smart thing and put Hardy and Stanley on stage together, gave them microphones and simply let them talk.

Both were present for premieres of their first narrative film works in many years - Stanley with an installment of the anthology project The Theatre Bizarre, Hardy with his new film The Wicker Tree - and with The Wicker Tree going into theatrical release this week, twenty five minutes of their conversation has been released online.

Fantasia posted the video originally on their Spectacular Optical website here but you can also watch it below.
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