Friday One Sheet: SCREAM VI

Contributing Writer; Toronto, Canada (@triflic)

When your slasher franchise is getting long in the tooth, you can bring it to New York, or Europe, or Space.  The Scream franchise, with its sixth entry coming out in 2023, chose the first option.

This is not terribly interesting except for the fact that it results in this fantasy 'transit nerd' map from design house Concept Arts. Using the iconic Ghostface mask as the template, with the increasingly complex web of characters from the franchise as the stations (with a couple under construction), and the individual lines being each entry.

I will admit, it is clever.

But really, if I am being blunt, I love that someone figured out that the Roman Numeral VI makes half of the M in the title at the bottom. Nobody on Scream 4 key art approval bothered with this typographic serendipity, opting for the low hanging fruit of the A swapped with a 4.


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