Pretty Packaging: The SPECIES Films Get A Shiny New Boxset

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British distributor 88 Films has made itself known over the years for releasing several martial arts films, horror from Asia, and thrillers from Italy. Occasionally though, they dip into the territory of the better-known American genre flicks as well, and last month they released a shiny box with all four Species films in it.

My personal opinion about Species is a bit split. Back in 1995 it was my most anticipated film. Based on the stellar A-list cast I was expecting an intelligent science fiction movie with a bold premise and a monster designed by the great H. R Giger. What I got was a B-film, and a rather stupid one to boot. Expectations can be a bitch. Still, going in knowing what it is, the film has its moments, and shows that sometimes all you need to start a franchise are an H.R. Giger-designed monster and a naked Natasha Henstridge. The first sequel added more gore, more nudity and more stoopid, and will probably be best remembered for having the best lenticular lobby poster ever made. The last two films went straight to video, and the lower BBFC rating doesn't instill confidence.

The monsters are always cool though, the lead actresses stunning, and who doesn't like a bundle of "guilty pleasure" B-films? The boxset by 88 Films is quite a looker itself, so here is a gallery of shots. Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them, or at the center of each to see a bigger version.

And here it is: a shiny box, and we mean SHINY! All sides are covered in holographic foil and it's a pleasure to move it and see light wash and refract over it.

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