Friday One Sheet: SPENCER (Also, Full Trailer)

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Friday One Sheet: SPENCER (Also, Full Trailer)

We are looping back around to the detailed fabric and negative space of the key art for Spencer, as it is also an opportunity to embed the full trailer for the film (see below).

I do love when key art hides the face of the movie star, and while the iconic hairdo of Princess Diana is still on full display, Kristen Stewart has enough clout that it is a bold move to do so. The right move it is, however, as it captures the distress, the smothering and the hiding aspect that Pablo Larraín is highlighting in the final days of the iconic princess's days.

That poster filling dress provides a wonderful canvas for the very discreet title card (in Anavio Small Capitals typeset), along with the film's star, director, and atypically the writer of the film. There is also release date and the Venice Film Festival logo, where Spencer world Premiered.

I like the field of blackness at the top, and the field of ivory at the bottom, with a very real human, hiding, weeping, stressing, in the middle.


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