Friday One Sheet: ARMY OF THIEVES

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Friday One Sheet: ARMY OF THIEVES

Bauhaus-inspired clock faces and locks in bold, glorious orange, make for this excellent piece of teaser key art. Taking one of the better characters from the abysmally derivative Army of The Dead, and doing a safe-cracking prequel may salvage (some of) the waste of time, talent, and resources squandered on the vanilla Zack Synder zombie romp.

German safe-cracker (and fan of classic orange Sony walkman headphones), played by Matthias Schweighöfer, stars and directs, and snappily colour co-ordinates in this poster with an orange jacket and plaid slacks. His presence, glancing back at the viewer, and his shadow cast off to the side, offset the symmetry of the rest of the design in a good way.  

But, mainly, I come back to the orange gradient here, which would make this teaser poster pop out, visually, in a multiplex lobby, if only this were not the sole property of a streaming service.


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