Festival Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre 2019: LUZ THE FLOWER OF EVIL Among Big Winners at Argentine Genre Fest

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Festival Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre 2019: LUZ THE FLOWER OF EVIL Among Big Winners at Argentine Genre Fest
I find humor in the moments when I discover a long running genre film festival. Wait! How have we not heard of this film festival? It’s been running for how long?!
Thus, I present to you the Festival Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre. Known just as BARS, the festival just completed its twentieth edition in the Belgrano neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I probably would still not have heard about the longest running genre film festival in Latin America were it not for the news that fims from friends had won awards, or that they were on the juries, or that they designed the wonderful festival poster below, or that they created the festival spot. 
To start, there is the poster down below, designed by my friend Flavio Greco Paglia. Paglia has been very busy designing posters for films, festivals and markets. I've joked in the past about how much I hate his talent but its out of genuine appreciation for his work.
My friend Laura Sanchez Acosta was on the jury of the Ibero-American Feature Film Competition. Her short film La Solapa got a special mention in the short film category as well as the PINTAFAN Award.
Then Ezequiel Endelman, one half of the duo who brought us last year's giallo Crystal Eyes, was on the International Feature Film Competition jury, and he created the festival spot down below. 
Finally, Colobian filmmaker Juan Diego Escobar Álzate, whom we met in Mexico last month and became fast friends with, had his great film Luz The Flower of Evil at the festival and it took home three awards and a special mention in the Ibero-American Feature Film Competition. He won the best film award and actor Yuri Vargas won the actor award. Juan Diego also won the award for best editing and the film got a special mention for Nicolas Caballero's work as the cinematographer. 
Other big winners at BARS included Argentine film Zombies en el Cañaveral, by Pablo Schembri, which we will need some help tracking down now (wink wink nudge nudge to anyone in Argentina?). Schembri's film took home four awards. There was a Brazilian film called Morto não fala by Dennison Ramalho that won twice. Perhaps some of our friends in Brazil can help us track that one down as well? 
The list of all the winners is below Flavia's festival poster, followed by Endelman's festival spot. 
After 11 exhausting days, the 20th edition of Festival Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre, which took place in Multiplex Belgrano, ended yesterday. It was a great success, both of the screenings and the different activities, which included talks, workshops, presentations and a great tribute to the European horror cinema of Britt Nichols (by none other than our own Carmen Yazalde), known for films like Daughter of Drácula, Les demóns and A Virgin Among the Living Dead.
In this edition, the jury chose to reward Latan American genre movies, choosing films like Zombies en el cañaveral (Argentina), Morto não fala (Brasil), Luz (Colombia) and Belzebuth (México) for the greatest awards, proving the great present and future of movies produced in this corner of the world.
With the goal of screening those kind of movies that are never found in other places, after two decades, BARS has stated again it is a place of resistance for the public, and for the creators who love genre movies.
Jury composed of Fede Bal, Ezequiel Endelman and Noelia Custodio
Best feature film: Zombies en el Cañaveral, by Pablo Schembri (Argentina)
Best feature feature film director: Dennison Ramalho, for Morto não fala (Brazil)
Best feature film actress: Alyson Hannigan, for You Might Be the killer (USA
Best feature film actor:  Ofelio Linares Montt, for Zombies en el Cañaveral (Argentina)
Best feature film screenplay: Dennison Ramalho and Cláudia Jouvin, for Morto não fala (Brazil)
Best feature film cinematography: Diego Poleri, for Respira (Argentina)
Best feature film visual effects: Arvizu FX, for Belzebuth (Mexico)
Special mention: Best baby slaughter – Belzebuth (Mexico)
Special mention: Best aesthetic identity (Art, make-up, costume design) - Carroña (Argentina)
Special mention: Best original score - Pablo Fuu, for Carroña (Argentina)
Jury composed of Laura Sánchez Acosta, Vicu Villanueva and Matías Sanchez
Best feature film: Luz, by Juan Diego Escobar Álzate (Colombia)
Best director: Manolo Munguía, for H0us3 (Spain)
Best performance: Yuri Vargas, for Luz (Colombia)
Special mention: Tr3sh: La concha de su madre, by Alejo Rébore, for being able to emulate the altered state of the conscience in the screen.
Special mention: El gran combo, by Matías Szulanski for Best Argentine movie
Special mention: Luz, for cinematography (Nicolas Caballero)
Best editing award (EDA): Juan Diego Escobar Álzate for Luz (Colombia)
Argentores Award for best screenplay for a national feature film, including international and Ibero-American competitions. Zombies en el Cañaveral, by Pablo Schembri (Argentina)
APIMA Award for best national production: Tr3sh: La concha de su madre, by Alejo Rébora (Argentina)
Jury composed of Georgina Zanardi, Flavio Greco Paglia and Constanza Otero
Best international short film: Camino al Monte, by Santiago Fabrizio (Argentina) 
Best short film director: Sean Steinberg & Matthew Jankes, for Axis Mundi (South Africa)
Best national short film: Detrás de la puerta, by Andres Borghi (Argentina)
Special mention - best Latinamerican short film: La Solapa, by Laura Sánchez Acosta (Argentina)
Special mention: Pinball, by Nicanor Loretti (Argentina) for directing
Special mention: Boustifaille, by Pierre Mazingarbe (France) for screenplay and editing
Special mention: La Noria, by Carlos Baena (Spain) for technical achievement
Rental BsAs Award: Detrás de la puerta, by Andres Borghi (Argentina)
Piromanía Fxs award: Detrás de la puerta, by Andres Borghi (Argentina)
PostProduction Award (WANCAMP): Pinball, by Nicanor Loretti (Argentina)
Gui.Ar Award: Pinball, by Nicanor Loretti (Argentina)
RAFMA Award: El agua de los sueños, by Rocío Muñoz and Pablo Fuertes (Argentina)
PINTAFAN Award: La Solapa, by Laura Sánchez Acosta (Argentina)
Audience award for best feature film: Zombies en el Cañaveral, by Pablo Schembri (Argentina) – Average 9.33
Audience award for best short film: Blood Machines, by Seth Ickerman (France) – Average 8.93
Bizarre Competition Winner (by popular vote):  Chevysaurios, by Ayi Turzi – Average 9.32
Jury composed of Germán Magariños, Leticia Bovino y Leandro Cóccaro
1° PRIZE “Best Short Film” ($25.000): Zombies y fantasmas, F5 CINE
2° PRIZE “Best Short Film” ($13.000): Especial de Navidad, DRAG CLASH team
3º PRIZE “Best Short Film” (2 days of equipment rental on RENTAL BSAS): La Cura, AREPEROS team
Best Production (electrical appliance explosion by PIROMANÍA FX): La Cosecha, TinTAR films team
Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre is the oldest fantastic cinema festival in Latin America. With a two decades journey, BARS is a gathering and exhibiting place for fantastic movies all over the world, and a resistance spot for Argentine genre movies creators. Born in 2000 as an exhibition for independent genre cinema, and with a competitive festival format since 2004, Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre is an indispensable event for lovers of the genre and for the public that wants to get in touch with movies they don’t find in other festivals.

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