Friday One Sheet: STARFISH

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Friday One Sheet: STARFISH

The 'grain' on this third piece of key art for A.T. White's Starfish (the other two are also great) resides somewhere in the space between digital noise, and oil canvas texture. This is apt for a film that bills itself as a 'science fiction, end of the world, mix tape.' The tagline at the bottom says so.

What I think makes LA Associates' design really stand out, is the sideways orientation of Virginia Gardner's visage. Like many 'askew' designs (also, non centred credit block, but that is very subtle), the promise is implicit that the film is offbeat, or at least, non-conforming. And while I have not seen the film itself, critical receptions seems to be in line with this.

Starfish will be available on VOD platforms May 28, 2019


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