Friday One Sheet: PACIFIC RIM (pink) UPRISING

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Friday One Sheet: PACIFIC RIM (pink) UPRISING

The trend of pink posters bleeds into 2018 from last year's significant use of the colour in key art

Here, for one of three Pacific Rim: Uprising IMAX posters, the bold combination of hot pink and electric lime is used to evoke a kind of propaganda cum street-graffiti, pop cultural fusion. A second one also favours pink, but drops the green. The design is also in line with Marvel-Disney's increasing use of bold, bright colours (Guardians of the Galaxy 2Thor 3) in their marketing materials. (Albeit the Pacific Rim franchise is Universal, not Disney, I am sure the studio's graphic design arm is happy to appropriate a good thing when it sees it.

On a side note, I also like this trend of making hand-drawn style posters specific for marketing the IMAX format. Doing more than one, seems to be a first here, but in general, the IMAX designs are always more daring and interesting than the more generic 'hero-group shot' style advertising that seems to dominate the genre.


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