Exclusive: Sono! Sabu! Uchida! Animerama! Third Window Films 2018 Slate Looks Amazing!

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Third Window Films, the English-speaking world's most well-respected distributors of comtemporary and modern Asian films on home video, has had a rough year, but they are revved-up and ready to go with a 2018 slate of releases that looks out of this world!

Over the first 6 months of 2018 Third Window Films have lined up five releases that aim to continue their hot streak of providing western audiences with the best in modern Japanese cinema. New films from Screen Anarchy favorites Sono Sion and Uchida Eiji are joined by contemporary classics from Japanese rebel master Sabu and TWF's debut animated releases from Tezuka Osamu's Animerama (Belladonna of Sadness) as Third Window enters their 13th year. 

Check out additional info and scheduling info for these upcoming releases in the gallery below

Kurt Halfyard, James Marsh, Peter Gutierrez and Ard Vijn contributed to this story.

Starting the year in March at Third Window Films is Uchida Eiji's Love and Other Cults, a TWF production and Uchida's follow-up to Lowlife Love from a couple of years ago. Ard Vijn saw the film last month at Camera Japan in The Netherlands and had this to say: 

The terms "black comedy" and "drama" don't quite cut it, though there is plenty of both in it. In this it is quite like Uchida's earlier film Lowlife Love. Both films are interesting but do require an appetite for a certain weird flavor. Maybe Uchida Eiji is building his very own niche-genre?

Love and Other Cults will be a dual format release

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