Have Your Say: The Best Films In Life Come Three!

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Have Your Say: The Best Films In Life Come Three!
So a few days ago, a friend posted an innocuous enough question over on Facebook. It was to the effect of: "I've got about 5-8 hours of free time this evening and want to watch a triple-bill. What three films do you recommend?"
What followed was such a kick-ass naming of titles from all over the world, that I thought to myself: this HAS to be the Have-Your-Say topic this Tuesday...

Because the discussion wasn't so much about "naming three cool films" as it was about finding some sort of golden combination. Not a trilogy so much, but three films that would either compliment each other, or become even more watchable by sheer contrast.

For example, check out the triple-bill above. People about to see Blade Runner 2049 might want to have a film-night about human-android relations first, and if so, you could do a lot worse than pick these three VERY different films (for the record, they are Alex Garland's Ex Machina, Yoshiura Yasuhiro's Time of Eve: The Movie, and Aaron Lipstadt's Android).

But what does your ideal triple-bill look like? Do they share a topic, or are they totally unrelated on purpose? Chime in, in the comments below, and HAVE YOUR SAY!

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