Pretty Packaging: It Is OK To Pick Up The Boxset Of IS IT WRONG TO TRY TO PICK UP GIRLS IN A DUNGEON?

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Confession time: people often think I'm a bit of an anime expert, but I'm really not. There are some series and films I love, and many I like, but I'm terrible at keeping up-to-date with what's currently hot or not. Hypes reach me through Twitter and such, but as I haven't made it a habit to stream the newest series, these are often left misunderstood until the Blu-ray arrives several years later.

So all those Hestia fan-art pictures flooding the Internet two years ago? It wasn't until recently that I knew this was related to an anime series called DanMachi, better known here by its English title of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Comprehension or not, I wasn't too enticed by the series. A fantasy harem series, in which a stupid boy has scores of girls fighting over his attention? I mean, ANOTHER one? But I kept hearing good things about it and it was recently released in Europe, so I checked it out... and found that in April, the US had gotten a majorly pimped edition, with books, trinkets, the lot. And that DID entice me!

When I found one at a decent price (because ouch...) I ordered it, and it definitely warrants a mention. The series itself is harmless fun, cheeky but not quite "ecchi", and inspired by videogames rather than history or mythology. But the packaging of this particular box is damn fine. Here is a gallery of shots. Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them, or at the center of each to see a bigger version!

Here it is: a big oversized square box.

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