MOLLY: The Apocalyptic Indie Actioner Gets An International Trailer

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MOLLY: The Apocalyptic Indie Actioner Gets An International Trailer
Back in April, the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam hosted the world premiere of Molly, a post-apocalyptic action thriller by Colinda Bongers and Thijs Meuwese. Cast and crew were present, and a lot of fun was had by all, as it truly is a fun film.

In my review I praised the ingenuity of the team making the film, who managed to work wonders with the smallest of budgets. I quote:
When the film finally enters its "attack the fortress" phase (no spoiler if you've seen the trailer), there is a shot so ambitious, so accomplished in its execution, that you can't help but wonder: how the hell did they do this?! Remember how impressed we all were when we saw Tony Jaa ascending those spiral stairs in the original Tom-Yum-Goong? In Molly, something similar happens, only this time it's not a team of the best stuntmen and martial artists in the world doing it, but some VERY cocky people on a tiny budget... and they manage to totally pull it off!
In Molly, the world has suffered a catastrophe in which most people have regressed to a feral zombie-like state. The titular superpowered Molly travels the wastelands, hunted by an organisation who wants to make a champion zombie pit-fighter out of her. When this organisation kidnaps a friend of Molly, she decides to stop running and attack its main base head-on.

Molly now has an official International Trailer, which you can check out below. And while the trailer is quite action-oriented, it doesn't come close to revealing just how clever this film has been put together.

MOLLY (2017) - Official International Movie Trailer from Thijs Meuwese on Vimeo.

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