Our Favorite Faces Of Jake Gyllenhaal

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Our Favorite Faces Of Jake Gyllenhaal
Truth be told, I haven't seen Daniel Espinosa's Life yet. Recently I watched (and sometimes re-watched) a string of underwater monster films, so the itch I had for claustrophobic man-vs-creature film has been royally scratched.

The one thing that might urge me towards a cinema to still go see it, is actually the presence of Jake Gyllenhaal. Because for the last few years, he or his agent (and probably both) have displayed an uncanny knack for choosing extremely good projects to display his talents in. At the moment, Jake's involvement is almost a blind buy, a strong seal of approval.

It helps that the man has done some stellar acting, whether he plays a quirky lovable goofball or a disturbed creep.

So, what are your favorite performances by Jake Gyllenhaal? Do you like him better as a good guy, or as a bad guy?

Chime in, in the comments below!

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